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A Long Term Effect: Tim Pope On Four Decades Of Work With The Cure
Ned Raggett , July 8th, 2019 06:47

Our man in San Francisco Ned Raggett chats with Pope about his forthcoming Cure concert film Anniversary as well as more unusual anecdotes about his many music videos for them than you can shake a stick at. Or is that a sock?


In Between Days

"I was working with a particular production designer then called Alex McDowell. He lives in L.A. now, he's worked with Spielberg subsequently and Tim Burton, all sorts of things like that. He was a wonderful, wonderful production designer, and it was his suggestion to use the socks. He said, 'Oh, there's just going to be scrunched-up color on the screen.' In those days, you have to bear in mind that everything we did, we did on film optical [note: unlike digital cameras, this requires the film to be developed and looked at some time after the shoot]. When I got the film back and I said, 'Let me go, I need to show it to Robert.' He came in, he went, 'But they're fucking socks.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I know they're fucking socks, but what can I do?' But then, such is The Cure, next they're going to go to some tour other and all the backstage passes have socks on them. Subsequently, in each video, I put socks too. I should have put one in the bloody film now. I should've have done it and I didn't, damn it! Sometimes things work out like that and that's great, and you go with it. I like that about The Cure. Another thing you have to understand about The Cure is people in the world of pop videos are not notoriously loyal. I mean, particularly these days when there's so much choice, which is why I don't really do them. But I had a fantastic rapport with the band and they were phenomenally loyal to me."