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A Long Term Effect: Tim Pope On Four Decades Of Work With The Cure
Ned Raggett , July 8th, 2019 06:47

Our man in San Francisco Ned Raggett chats with Pope about his forthcoming Cure concert film Anniversary as well as more unusual anecdotes about his many music videos for them than you can shake a stick at. Or is that a sock?


The Caterpillar

"The Cure and Robert have been very, very open about this, but Robert hated shooting the videos. All of them. On most video shoots you have to be there at nine in the morning, so he said, 'Well, I will pay extra to be there at lunchtime.' Another thing you have to understand about The Cure is that all those videos were shot with about two days' notice. There was never more than two. Regarding the location, which was Syon Park in London: it got to five o'clock the night before the shoot and we still didn't know where we were going to shoot it. So I think we found out at about half past five before the place closed and then we were there the next morning shooting the video. That's the way videos were done in those days. So I had to be on my best behaviour and make the best happen. But you know, I loved working without a safety net. I think that way you get to the truth quicker. It's good. Of course you can fall down miserably and have an absolute calamity. Somehow or other, you pull it together. I think [this video]'s really shoddy and I really don't like it. Maybe I have the memory of the day or something. It kind of doesn't matter if I like it or I don't, because Robert looks so drop-dead gorgeous in it. And he does."