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A Long Term Effect: Tim Pope On Four Decades Of Work With The Cure
Ned Raggett , July 8th, 2019 06:47

Our man in San Francisco Ned Raggett chats with Pope about his forthcoming Cure concert film Anniversary as well as more unusual anecdotes about his many music videos for them than you can shake a stick at. Or is that a sock?



"I was working with all those bands at the same time. I was working with the Banshees and the Creatures and the Cure. I do remember having a word in his ear after Hammersmith Odeon in about 1983. In a way, I think he was doing everything to keep himself out of The Cure, and then suddenly 'Lovecats' appeared in my in tray, which was obviously an incredibly playful song. Now I was jet-lagged and had just come back from L.A. I had just been to America for the first time, to shoot this video in 1983 for Neil Young for a song called 'Wondering'. Neil had borrowed my shirt, this black and white checked shirt that I got from a certain shop in Carnaby Street. Somehow or other, it became a bit of a thing in my videos at that point, because then Robert decided to borrow my shirt, the red shirt with the black dots, for that video. We took over this house and we shot this through the night. I would not have wanted to have been the neighbours. My overriding memory is of the next day: Lol being in a catsuit at dawn as the first commuters were standing at a bus stop and there we were shooting this video. The thing you have to understand about Robert is he's very, very, very trusting, but he can get obsessed with about five different points, which he will then chase you to your grave until you get them right. So there may have been a cut in one of the videos that just obsessed him. I can always imagine him watching those videos crawling across the floor and watching the TV screen to get the time code. I've still got all his notes. They're hilarious. They made me laugh."