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A Long Term Effect: Tim Pope On Four Decades Of Work With The Cure
Ned Raggett , July 8th, 2019 06:47

Our man in San Francisco Ned Raggett chats with Pope about his forthcoming Cure concert film Anniversary as well as more unusual anecdotes about his many music videos for them than you can shake a stick at. Or is that a sock?


Friday I'm In Love

"I think one of the wonderful things about The Cure [is] that I never met a single record company person on these video shoots, and people are always surprised by this. We made these videos and the record company dealt with them. Things became quite different in that business. For 'Friday I'm In Love', we actually rehearsed very carefully the day before because I wanted to shoot it in one take. So I had three cameras, and literally everything you see with the backdrops coming down I think was Robert's idea. My pension scheme is some very eBayable items. I have a lot of sketches from that video, so hey, if I hit on hard times, that's what I do, 'Three million quid, please.' But anyway, I have this sketch of Robert drawing the backdrops. We rehearsed it all, and then we shot it all in one go, but there was never any sense of, 'This has to be commercial.' There was no sense of that at all. The song became commercial and I think that is the honest truth about The Cure, that they've stuck to their guns. There's never any double-guessing of the public. A lot of record companies these days operate like miniature advertising agencies. I shoot commercials so I know this, and The Cure never do that. Good on them."