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Glastonbury Stage IICON To Go On Tour
Christian Eede , July 4th, 2019 14:34

Block9, the team behind the festival's newest stage, will be taking the impressive concept around the world in 2020

One of the biggest talking points of this year's Glastonbury was IICON, the brand new stage in the Block9 area, which, as you can see above, centred around a 65ft sculpted head with digital eyes.

Now, Block9 co-founder Gideon Berger has revealed plans to take the concept on tour in autumn 2020. Speaking to Music Week, he described IICON as "an art and music project that Stephen [Gallagher, Block9 co-founder] and I have been working on for the past three years."

He continues: "It is a giant sculptural art piece depicting a Godlike figure, which represents humanity staring into a digital void, so the poetry of the structure speaks for itself. The second chapter of the project, which will open in London next year, is an interior experience, which is part venue, part club, part theatrical immersive installation that explores music from the last 100 years and interrogates that music for its cultural, social and political stories."

There are no further details on what form IICON's tour will take, but based on the glowing reviews it received at Glastonbury - hosting sets from the likes of Lee Gamble, Batu, Hessle Audio and Laurel Halo & Kode9 - it will be worth keeping an eye on.

You can sign up for more information at IICON's website. it's expected that IICON will return to Glastonbury for a second year in 2020.