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Earthly Delights: Konx-Om-Pax's Favourite Music
Christian Eede , June 27th, 2019 11:32

Christian Eede speaks to Scottish producer Konx-Om-Pax about his love of 808s and his new album on Planet Mu, as well as his favourite music, from Autechre to Popol Vuh, Kode9 to Gas, Regis to happy hardcore mixes by Scott Brown


Oneohtrix Point Never - Rifts
I'm a bit biased with this because I designed the cover and I feel very lucky to have been involved in the project, because it's one of my favourite things to listen to ever. Daniel [Lopatin, AKA Oneohtrix Point Never] had sent me all the Eccojams around the same time and that was a big influence as well, on everything – how much emotion you can get from a tiny loop. Rifts is an absolutely epic amount of music to get through and it really showcases how much of a talented producer he is, and also how versatile he is. It feels like a homage to Laurie Spiegel's work to me.

There's one track on this record that I remember having a really lovely psychedelic experience with, just listening to it on acid once. It felt like being inside the ocean. It was 'Physical Memory'. I remember me and my friend were just tripping and lying about on his living room floor listening to this. It just felt like being in the ocean with loads of crystal waves hitting your body.