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Earthly Delights: Konx-Om-Pax's Favourite Music
Christian Eede , June 27th, 2019 11:32

Christian Eede speaks to Scottish producer Konx-Om-Pax about his love of 808s and his new album on Planet Mu, as well as his favourite music, from Autechre to Popol Vuh, Kode9 to Gas, Regis to happy hardcore mixes by Scott Brown


Transllusion - The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

I'm very aware of how many people within the Rubadub orbit cite Drexciya and James Stinson as an essential music figure, so I guess this pick is a result of that?

Yeah, it's such a shame he's not here anymore. I always wonder what music he might be making if he was still around today. I discovered Drexciya's music just from hanging out at Rubadub, everyone there was always going on about them. They held them in such high esteem that you just get sucked into it that way. I think this Transllusion album, Neptune's Lair and Lab Rat XL's Mice or Cyborg are my favourite Drexciya records. I picked the Transllusion album because of 'Dimensional Glide', which was a direct influence on 'I'm For Real', the track I did with Nightwave for the album. Going ato the Art School and [Paisley venue] Club 69, and hanging out at loads of afterparties in Glasgow, Drexciya's music was always essential.