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Baker's Dozen

Unknown Pleasures At 40: Our Favourite Artists On Joy Division's Debut
Patrick Clarke , June 14th, 2019 06:42

As Joy Division's still-staggering debut album turns 40, we present a Baker's Dozen of Baker's Dozens featuring artists and writers who picked Unknown Pleasures among their favourites of all time


Irvine Welsh

“That album was a revelation to me. It's so incredibly dark, yet awesome and powerful. It was funny because New Order came out of that – I mean they could still be quite dark, but they had a light about them that Joy Division never really had. And New Order were quite dancey. They had an amazing sound. Peter Hook's bass lines were the definitive sound of the band. It was also the definitive sound of Joy Division, too, but they're two very different bands. They were a very big influence.”

Photo by Phil Sharp