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Festival To Be Held At Military Complex
Gillian Paxton , June 13th, 2019 12:00

The Delaware Road: Ritual & Resistance will showcase experimental music and film at New Zealand Farm Camp, also a military complex

The Delaware Road, a festival of experimental music and film held in remote and unusual locations has this year set its sights on a military complex.

On August 17, artists like Steve Davis, Andrea Parker and Penny Rimbaud will perform at New Zealand Farm Camp, not far from Stonehenge. This year’s festival is taking place under the banner of 'Ritual & Resistance'.

New Zealand Farm Camp, a 60-acre, circular, walled complex located within the Salisbury Plain Training Area, contains a number of 'stone tents'. These will set the stage for a number of innovative performances, all inspired by "landscape, myth, broadcast technology and the transformative nature of sound", according to the festival's website. Guests will also be able to camp in the green space located on-site.

The Delaware Road was inspired by the narrative of a graphic novel of the same name written and produced by Alan Gubby, who curated the event. Now in its third year, the festival has evolved from its original intent to follow the graphic novel's narrative.

"This time it's more of a festival showcasing experimental artists, musical provocateurs, guest labels and speakers working in similar or related areas," Gubby said via email.

"It took over a year of negotiation [to use the site]. My brother works with the military and put me in touch with the authorities on Salisbury Plain," he added. "The Delaware narrative is essentially a power struggle between bohemians, mystics and authoritarian government agents so performing inside a military base near Stonehenge is pretty much perfect."

You can buy tickets to this unique event, and find out more information, here.