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Crowdfund Launched For Late Jack Medley
Gillian Paxton , May 21st, 2019 15:55

Friends of Jack Medley launch fundraiser to get the late musician's final album released on vinyl. Photo and video by Lou Smith

Friends of cult musician Jack Medley have organised a crowdfunding campaign via GoFundMe to release his last album on vinyl in light of his sudden death.

Beth Soan of the band Madonnatron is one of the friends responsible for setting up the campaign. "He had so much set up already," she said. "And now we're carrying out that work."

The LP, titled Secure as Fuck, was produced by Jack Medley's Secure Men, a collaboration between Medley and Dom Keen. The story goes that the album was conceived when Medley woke up in Paris one morning, "wearing nothing but a song in his heart".

"It was Jack's sole intention to get the Secure Men record released and out to the world," Keen said via email. "Now everyone that knew him wants this to happen."

Medley was also involved in a variety of musical acts before forming Jack Medley's Secure Men, including Milk Kan and Filthy Pedro. He was involved in the Brighton Antifolk Festival, while Filthy Pedro's website called him "the most Rock'n'Roll musician in all Antifolk history". He was known for his chaotic stage presence and gigantic personality, as well as his infectious sense of humour.

"He knew how to not take things too seriously," Soan said. "And he forced you not to take things too seriously, either."

He was well-known for his love of vinyl, and his commitment to sharing it, often sending vinyl records to friends of his. The GoFundMe hopes to achieve Medley's wishes by using the money to press Secure as Fuck in black-and-pink splattered vinyl.

Soan and Keen both said the thing they remember most about Medley is his generosity. Keen said that he was "the type of man that would offer you his last anything without question". Soan said she remembered Medley's vocal support of her band's music and how he would go out of his way to promote them to everyone he could.

"He gave so much," she said. "Everybody has come together to give something back to him by doing this."

The GoFundMe reached its goal of £2,000 in under 12 hours but will continue to accept donations toward printing a 7" record alongside the vinyl, as well as using part of the funds to support Medley's family. To Keen, the success of the fundraising efforts so far is a sign of what a lasting effect Medley had on the people in his life.

"The amount of love that has been displayed since Jack's passing has been a testament to the great man. A true original," he said.

Alongside the GoFundMe, friends of Medley are also planning a benefit gig for him at the Windmill Brixton on May 26. All funds from the evening will go to Medley's funeral costs. You can get tickets here.

Support the GoFundMe here.