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LISTEN: New Viviankrist On Diagonal
Christian Eede , May 13th, 2019 13:26

Gallhammer's Viviankrist debuts on Diagonal Records and Ritual Productions with new track and album

For almost a decade, Eri Isaka Fuzz-Kristiansen played an integral role in Japanese black metal group Gallhammer, performing as their bassist and vocalist under the name of Vivian Slaughter until their last album - fittingly titled The End - was released in 2011.

Last year, Isaka stepped out as Viviankrist swapping the metal sounds of her past band for something more focused on electronics. She's already released a record under the moniker through Cold Spring this year, but now Isaka will make her debut as Viviankrist on Powell's Diagonal Records - as well as Ritual Productions who are sharing release duties - with the album Cross Modulation. Streaming exclusively from the album above is lead track 'Behind Mirror'.

The music that makes up Cross Modulation came out of Isaka's experiments of making noise tracks using her bass guitar. "It didn't go well so I just gave up and picked up my husband's old synthesisers, a Korg MS-10 and Micro Korg, instead," she explains. "It was so much fun, that equipment gave me so much inspiration. I made my first digital album in three days. That's how it all began."

The music takes inspiration from the forest views of her Norwegian home, with Isaka exploring her love of synths to create what she calls "psychedelic songs with layers of improvisations".

Diagonal label head Oscar Powell says that getting involved in the release of this album alongside Ritual Productions "felt like a chance to do something that was meaningful for us all. I'm surprised we're putting this out in some ways, but not in others. I want the label to entertain my own interests and this record is one of them."

Diagonal and Ritual Productions will release Cross Modulation on June 7.