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Baker's Dozen

Amorphous Choices: Mira Calix' Favourite Music
Jude Rogers , May 8th, 2019 12:42

Jude Rogers quizzes sound sculptor Mira Calix about her favourite albums, from MBV to Britten, Stravinsky to Laura Cannell, and PJ Harvey to the bountiful joys of the Warp back catalogue


My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
My no. 1 forever. It would appear on any of my lists. When I think of it, I just see that sleeve, manifested in sound, that beautiful, dark colourful blur. The density of sound on Loveless it is something that influenced me a lot when I was younger. It made me think of music as a physical thing, like sculpture – which had an obvious literal effect on the work that I do.     I remember seeing them live first time around too – Jesus, it was an assault. Like they were having this long battle with the audience, willing them to survive this heavy wall of sound. It was beyond immersive, and that had a huge effect on me.   It's funny though – it's a record I only revisit about once a year. It's too precious. Do you have a record like that? [Yes, I say – Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures.] It's so perfect in my head, it's like I don't want to break that spell. But how great is that? Thirty years on, it still has that spell on me.