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RVNG Intl. Launches Crowdfund For Pauline Anna Strom
Christian Eede , May 8th, 2019 12:02

New York label RVNG Intl. is hoping that a crowdfunder will raise money to help pay Pauline Anna Strom's hospital bills

RVNG Intl. has launched a crowdfund campaign via GoFundMe to raise money to help synth musician Pauline Anna Strom recover from a recent hip fracture.

"Her insurance covered a part of her rehab, but now she is contending with the cost of additional hospital billing, in home physical therapy visits, and general living expenses," says RVNG's GoFundMe description. The New York label has set up the campaign after forming a partnership with the musician via the release a retrospective compilation in 2017 titled Trans-Millenia Music.

Strom has been blind since she was born and RVNG's campaign is also hoping that some people may be able to volunteer to help care for her as she continues her recovery from her Bay Area base in the US. The campaign adds that she was producing new music for the first time in decades just before the accident.

You can support the crowdfunder here.