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Cuz I Love You Yewande Adeniran , April 19th, 2019 11:47

The third album by American rapper, singer, flautist, Lizzo will have you reaching for your hairbrush-microphone and dancing round the room, finds Yewande Adeniran

Being unapologetically yourself is the truest expression of freedom. In her third album, Cuz I Love You, Lizzo shows us what it looks and sounds like when you embrace who you are. An infectious energy, singalong after singalong and beats to get down to. The only artist right now capable of rapping, singing – and playing the flute while backing it up.

Once in a while a release comes along that makes it almost impossible to review. Not because words can’t describe it but because you’re pulled in so hard you lose yourself and keep dancing instead of writing. I did pretty much every dance imaginable. The result of ‘Cuz I Love You’, ‘Exactly How I Feel’ featuring Gucci Mane – a welcome surprise – and ‘Better In Colour’ was me pretending I was in a modern rendition of Dreamgirls, hairbrush and all. A match made in thicc heaven, ‘Tempo’ features hip hop royalty Missy Elliot, two of the most notable artists to preach self acceptance and telling negative individuals to do one while twerking. “If you see a hater, tell em quit” is something we all need to hear and practice.

With shoutouts to fellow black women, Lauryn Hill and Serena Wiliams, ‘Like A Girl’ is an anthem about doing it exactly how you’re supposed to and like no one else: ”got nothing to prove but I’m gonna show you how I do”. Continuing her message of gender fluidity, its a celebration of women and girls being more than just their physical appearance: ”If you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl, do your thing run the world”. Together with being your own boss, owning what you do and loving yourself first, “yeah I’m my own soulmate, I’m never lonely”, ‘Soulmate’ is about never reducing your standards for anyone. Fearless and witty - an incredible album from start to finish, perfect for long days and ever longer nights.