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Novation Synth Gets Aphex Twin-Inspired Update
Christian Eede , April 15th, 2019 13:53

Novation's Bass Station II now comes with an update inspired by Richard D. James

Equipment manufacturer Novation has added a number of firmware updates to its Bass Station II monosynth, a number of them - the company explains - developed in response to feedback and requests from users.

One of those updates has been dubbed 'AFX Mode', and has been added to mark yesterday's 'Avril 14th'. Richard D. James previously provided guidance to an update on the monosynth, advising the company on the implementation of micro-tuning.

The latest update is more substantially influenced by the producer though. "James envisioned the decidedly radical notion of having a discrete set of synthesis parameters assigned to each note of Bass Station II, either variations on a 'seed' patch, or disparate sounds designed to constitute a chimeric whole," Novation explains.

The new update allows users to modify their patches on a key-by-key basis. Novation's explanation continues: "Use it to introduce subtle changes to a sound as you play up and down the keyboard; divide the keyboard into multiple zones (one per key if you like!), each playing its own sound; or create entire drum kits in a single preset for triggering manually or via the Arpeggiator."

You can find out more about the new feature via the video above.