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LISTEN: Previously Unreleased Stereolab
Christian Eede , April 3rd, 2019 14:15

Stereolab share an early, alternate version of their 1994 track 'Wow And Flutter'

Stereolab have released an alternate version of their track 'Wow And Flutter'. You can hear it above.

Originally released as the second single from their 1994 album Mars Audiac Quintet, the alternative mix above, Tim Gane explains, was the beginning of a new phase for the group.

"This is an earlier mix of the single edit of this track," Gane says. "It doesn't differ that much from the released version, a few things were tweaked along the way for the later mix but I really like this version of the song and think it's far superior to the LP version so I wanted it on the bonus disc…

"In some ways I consider this the beginning of the second phase of the Lab, it's the kind of treatment we should have given 'Outer Accelerator', to get it to the next level. It's definitely the approach that we would take on many of our later records. Many additional parts and sounds were added to make the track really complete - the LP version sounds like we're just bashing it out in comparison."

The release of the alternate version of 'Wow And Flutter' comes ahead of the beginning of a series of reissues of Stereolab's albums. That series will begin on May 4 with the reissue of 1993's Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements and 1994's Mars Audiac Quintet.

Both will be remastered and expanded for their reissue, with the group's other five studio albums set to follow later this year. Stereolab will also be playing a series of live shows through this summer, including appearances at Primavera Sound and Green Man.