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Serato Launches Production Software Geared Towards DJs
Christian Eede , March 28th, 2019 15:39

Serato Studio is a new production software designed to be accessible to DJs

A new production tool from Serato called Serato Studio has been launched in beta.

The software is designed to offer an accessible DAW to DJs and less experienced producers, and will be available via subscription.

"Over the years we’ve spoken to countless DJs and beginners who want to start making music but either don't have the time, the hardware, or feel overwhelmed with attempting to learn production software," says Serato's Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Maclaren. "By building on what DJs already know, we've reduced that steep learning curve commonly associated with music production."

Serato has incorporated design elements from its DJ software for Serato Studio in order to make it more intuitive to DJs. As with any DAW, it includes VST and AU support as well as the ability to export stems. Features carried over from its DJ software include key detection, time stretching and cue points, while there are also pre-loaded drum patterns and free sample packs of sounds which will be updated monthly.

Head here to sign up for the beta version and head here to find more information.