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No Definitive Version: Nate Young's Most Influential Records
Jennifer Lucy Allan , March 27th, 2019 08:51

Nate Young talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about what made his music, from teenage revelations, learning when to press record, and roofing with Scott Asheton.


Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust
Riz is interesting, he's a film composer but he captures a lot of the same vibes that I'm trying to capture with my own work. It's deep, and sometimes very scary, but it's also really soothing and surprising. The main theme is really beautiful, but then it goes immediately into these really bizarre electronic drum hits. It has that duality which comes with film work – you need something visual to create something that is so diverse and dynamic.

With library music, I like that it is almost unemotional, by definition it's just to be inserted in backgrounds. This record, Riz's record, it doesn't have that so much, it's frightening in a surprising way. And I love Tobe Hooper, obviously the Texas Chainsaw music is just straight up scary, and will absolutely frighten you, but Cannibal Holocaust rides a line where you're like: is this supposed to be funny? The movie itself, is an okay film, there's a lot of horrible things, there's animal cruelty in it as well which I'm totally appalled by, but there's just something about it.