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No Definitive Version: Nate Young's Most Influential Records
Jennifer Lucy Allan , March 27th, 2019 08:51

Nate Young talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about what made his music, from teenage revelations, learning when to press record, and roofing with Scott Asheton.


Sun Ra – Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy
When I first heard Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy the first thing I noticed was the phone ringing on a lot of the tracks. It made me realise that they were either recording at their home, or that this was a regular practice. That casual, home-made thing was a revelation, like, 'oh, I'm not the only one who is really just pressing record whenever I feel like it'. I remember hearing that phone and thinking: 'Am I hearing that? Is that actually there? Why is that on the record?' Then realising that this is just a day in the life.

Again, going back to the view of the artist just being an artist, and existing, and it not being all glitz and glam, or being 'this is the perfect moment, record it!' – it was more like just a day like any other day. We are recording and rehearsing and hanging out, and this is just part of our lives. I remember being struck by that.