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Green Man Announces Talks Programme
The Quietus , March 25th, 2019 13:01

Welsh festival unveils programme of talks include Jarvis Cocker and our Luke Turner

The annual Green Man festival has announced the artists, musicians and writers who'll be appearing as part of their Talking Shop series of talks, curated by the broadcaster Laura Barton. Jarvis Cocker will be along to "talk about whatever he wants", Caitlin Moran will be discussing her life and work as will musician and guitarist Richard Thompson. Gazelle Twin is appearing in conversation with tQ's own Luke Turner, discussing both LP of the year Pastoral and Turner's critically-acclaimed first book Out Of The Woods. Richard King will be discussing his excellent-sounding new work The Lark Ascending. The Three Track podcast and BBC Radio 4's Four Thought programme will also be bringing the airwaves into the physical realm. Green Man takes place from August 15th to 18th 2019 and you can find more info and tickets here.

Said Caitlin Moran of the talks programme, “I’ve been to every single Green Man - at the first one, “security” was a man on a chair under a tree, and I was heavily pregnant. Now security is several men on chairs under a tree, and the baby is sixteen years old. It is, simply, a magic festival: made out of love in the prettiest valley in the world, where you can watch the most perfectly curated bands play whilst sitting by a lake, eating a laver-bread and lobster roll. Of course Wales makes the most exquisite festival in the world. You go to one Green Man, and you come back every year after.”