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Baker's Dozen

“Yes It’s F*cking Political!”: Skin's Favourite Albums
Louise Brown , March 13th, 2019 10:52

Skunk Anansie vocalist Skin guides Louise Brown through 13 favourite records, from Holst to Nina Simone, Everything But The Girl, Sepultura and Amy Winehouse


Billie Holiday – Lady Sings The Blues
I'm listening to this book audiobook about Billie Holiday. She's another one I love. I remember when I first understood what 'Strange Fruit' was about. I'd grown up with 'Strange Fruit, her singing it, maybe the Nina Simone version more than the Billie Holiday one, but it wasn't until I was in my 30a that, for some reason, I said to myself "check again what 'Strange Fruit' means". And I got chills. And then I thought how did I miss that? You've been listening to a song for 20 years and I didn't catch what was the hanging fruit was. And I think, many times, we don't listen to lyrics well enough. Chilling. The blood on the leaves, whoah. And the thing is, it's still fucking relevant.

My biggest criticism of Trump, the reason why he's this shitstorm, why he's so bad, is that he doesn't know any history. He doesn't read, doesn't have empathy, he doesn't have any knowledge or interest in doing any serious study. If I was going to be President I would read every single book on every modern president. I would read what they've done, what they didn't do. Do your fucking research. He uses the word 'Nationalist' but you don't really understand what he means. If he was a wasn't a racist he wouldn't be using those words. And that's why he's the worst President of all time. And I mean that, sincerely. The man's just fucking blagging being the President of the United States. And it's so fucking dangerous. Look who he's ignited.