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Baker's Dozen

“I Enjoy Silence!”: Michael Rother's 13 Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , February 27th, 2019 10:46

With a show at London's Under The Bridge on 5 April, Michael Rother of Neu!, Harmonia, and a newly-boxsetted solo career takes Patrick Clarke through his life in 13 records, from Little Richard to Fuck Buttons, even though he doesn't really listen to music any more


The Magnetic Fields - i

I saw Stephin Merritt play live in Hamburg one day, and this album was released on Warner in Germany where I released my last solo album at the same time. I was very impressed by the guy’s voice, I was very impressed by this album and the clear voice. I wish I had that kind of voice! It’s so much easier to transport music if you have a voice like Brian Eno or Stephen Merrit. It’s very emotional, and I think at the time it really hit me. There was an echo in my emotional system that connected to those songs very much.