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Lessons Learnt: Joe Mount Of Metronomy's Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , February 21st, 2019 10:53

As Metronomy reissue 'Nights Out' for its 10th anniversary, their frontman Joe Mount sits down with Patrick Clarke to pick his favourite records, and explain how they shaped him


Michael Jackson - Bad

I think everyone has a complicated relationship with Michael Jackson, but if you listen back to his stuff it’s insanely unique. Nothing sounds like it, people might have a similar voice, but in terms of the kind of music, it’s very particular. It’s the first record I remember singing along with. I remember having a seven inch of ‘Another Part Of Me’ which had an instrumental on the other side and I realised it was just a karaoke opportunity. It was a huge pop record from when I was young, and very influential in a way; the same way that The Beatles teach you about music, Michael Jackson was like the first pop person I was aware of, and Kylie Minogue in our house was the female equivalent. An insanely successful guy who isn’t a macho guy, but is captivating in some way. Then you’ve got the ‘pinnacle’ of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson together!