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Evan Dando On Lemonheads Varshons 2
The Quietus , February 18th, 2019 12:14

Ahead of the Lemonheads live show at Kentish Town Forum on Tuesday February 19, Evan Dando talks us through all of the tracks on the new album Varshons 2

The Lemonheads have released an album of cover versions (Varshons 2) via Fire Records.

Ahead of a London headline show at Kentish Town Forum tomorrow (Tuesday) night, Evan Dando talks us through his 13 choices.

1. 'Can’t Forget' (Yo La Tengo)

I moved to LA quite a while ago, maybe 2012, although it could have been 2014. Anyway, when I got there I found a copy of Fakebook by Yo La Tengo in the apartment. The first song ‘Can’t Forget’ has a wonderful searing sadness to it. I hope our version makes y’all seek out the original Yo La Tengo varshon.

2. 'Settled Down Like Rain' (Jayhawks)

‘Settled Down Like Rain’ has always been one of my favourite Jayhawks’ songs and on this recording I share lead vocals with the lovely Marciana Jones.

3. 'Old Man Blank' (The Bevis Frond)

This is a wonderful Bevis Frond song about a crotchety music store owner. It’s a standout track from a ridiculously good LP called Triptych. Thanks to Nick Saloman for sending me the lyric! And there’s great Farfisa keys by the one and only Nina Violet on this one.

4. 'Things' (Paul Westerberg)

Paul Westerberg’s ‘Things’ was maybe a little too good to cover. I love the original… I guess I covered it ‘cause it’s not a Replacements’ song, them being sacred.

5. 'Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness' (John Prine)

John Prine’s ‘Speed The Sound Of Loneliness’ was recorded on Willy Mason’s mom’s Hummingbird guitar (Jemima James is a renowned songwriter as was his dad Michael Mason) in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Once again, too good a song and I’m really doing Nanci Griffith’s version here. I love John Prine – he tells it like it is.

6. 'Abandoned' (Lucinda Williams)

I've been covering ‘Abandoned’ since it came out in the late, late 1980s. I love Lucinda Williams. I’m kinda weirdly imitating her vocals on this – very proud of my guitar solo though.

7. 'Now And Then' Natural Child)

I first heard ‘Now And Then’ on Martha Vineyard’s own low powered FM station MVY. I was sure it was a lost early ‘70s classic. Much to my surprise, after driving down to the station, I was told that the song was by a contemporary band called Natural Child.

8. Magnet (NRBQ)

The original by NRBQ is so badass groovy we had no choice but to make ours sound a little stiff and tinny. It's a song kinda in the same category as The Lemonheads’ ‘Being Around’ - rampant metaphor - love this song.

9. 'Round Here' (Florida Georgia Line)

Counting Crows’ ‘Round Here’ is a great song! The one u hear on the radio is quite overproduced (let’s not even talk about the video). What I like is the simplicity... Thomas Rhett knows how to make three chords work.

10. 'TAQN' (The Eyes)

‘TAQN’ is originally by The Eyes (LA punk ‘77). I love the 8th grade protest song angle here - "swallow broken glass ". But check out the original if u want to hear the best guitar solo ever. For the 2nd best ever check out our version.

11. 'Unfamiliar' (The GiveGoods)

‘Unfamiliar’ is a song by my friend, the genius Tom Morgan (Smudge, Givegoods, Godstar). It’s white boy reggae at its worst. Such fun and so messy. Matthew (Cullen) really shines on production here – mushy tones from the original Casio.

12. 'Straight To You' (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds)

Covering straight to you was an exercise in hubris. I always thought it a bad idea to cover the Bad Seeds, but I think we just get away with it.

13. 'Take It Easy' (The Eagles)

‘Take It Easy’ is kinda rough. It was my girlfriend's idea, but it was my idea to make it sound anaemic and bloodless... enjoy!