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Berlin Clubs Join Bid For Sustainable City
Christian Eede , February 13th, 2019 15:07

Berlin clubs are looking into how they can cut their wastage and become more eco-friendly

Berlin is aiming to be a carbon neutral city by 2050, and now a number of clubs and figures from the city's music scene have committed to helping to achieve that goal.

DW reports that German NGO Friends of the Earth Germany and the association clubliebe e.V. have launched a new project aimed at helping clubs cut down their waste and energy usage. The scheme is financed by the Berlin Senate and will see experts being sent to clubs to advise them on how they can best cut down their use of non-renewable energy.

"Thousands of people in Berlin go to clubs, thousands of people are coming to Berlin for the clubs, so we can really reach a lot of people by working with the clubs and making the clubs greener," Georg Kössler, who is Green Party representative for climate protection and club culture, told DW.

Such measures, DW says, include using energy efficient heating and cooling systems, replacing their standard lighting with LED lighting and taking more care with recycling and the materials that they use. Berlin gay club SchwuZ is amongst those that have signed up to the scheme, and has looked into cutting down its use of plastics since the venue's inspection, amongst taking other steps.