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Baker's Dozen

Wot No Jazz Funk Greats?! Cosey Fanni Tutti's Favourite Records
Luke Turner , February 13th, 2019 09:32

As Cosey Fanni Tutti releases one of the albums of the year thus far, she sits down with Luke Turner to discuss 13 records that shaped her, from the soundtrack to pre-COUM hippy days in Hull to the present day


Kraftwerk - The Man Machine
It was the kind of electronic music where although it was really precise it still had feeling in it. You don't get much like that. As soon as you hear it you're in there. Some electronic music you can go 'woah', recoil a bit and then get into it, but this you're straight down with it, I just loved it. Because we were getting into drum machines, I'd already heard Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, it was all in the pot. In TG I was the only one inhabiting a space where chart material was, and things coming through like that. Chris was interested in equipment, Sleazy was doing album covers, but Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney, so not that world. I was hearing all kinds of music, it was really useful. You could imagine Sleazy in Kraftwerk, contemplative and still, but churning up on the inside. It's a bit like Chris actually, with him you see the eyebrow go up and the foot will tap, that's as far as he gets to dancing, and Sleazy was the same, unless he was really drunk and out for the night. As far as the gigs go, it wasn't a head-banging session in that sense.