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Baker's Dozen

Wot No Jazz Funk Greats?! Cosey Fanni Tutti's Favourite Records
Luke Turner , February 13th, 2019 09:32

As Cosey Fanni Tutti releases one of the albums of the year thus far, she sits down with Luke Turner to discuss 13 records that shaped her, from the soundtrack to pre-COUM hippy days in Hull to the present day


2001 - A Space Odyssey OST
I saw the film at the cinema, tripping. I saw Ice Station Zebra when I was tripping too. It was a thing then that if we had money we'd go and watch a film when we were tripping, because it's so weird, better than just sitting in a flat. 2001 was a new world, space exploration began in my childhood. It was a fantasy before then that was becoming a reality, and then you had this amazing soundtrack to it. I was into classical music but I couldn't buy any because we didn't have any money, but students who had the grants, they had money, so they used to buy a lot records, and everybody shared. It was a sharing lifestyle - sounds idyllic doesn't it?