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Baker's Dozen

Wot No Jazz Funk Greats?! Cosey Fanni Tutti's Favourite Records
Luke Turner , February 13th, 2019 09:32

As Cosey Fanni Tutti releases one of the albums of the year thus far, she sits down with Luke Turner to discuss 13 records that shaped her, from the soundtrack to pre-COUM hippy days in Hull to the present day


Julia Holter - Aviary
It's unexpected from what she did before. Chris finds it difficult. I find it difficult but I like it because it's difficult, it's not predictable, and it's not what I expected from her at all but I love it because of that. The thread through all these choices is the freedom to do what you want to do, and I get that from this album. I think it's great that at this time that she's done something like that. You could have taken these songs and made them something that would reach the classic kind of chorus and then come out again, but she didn't, it's unpredictable, and overloaded, but in a wonderful way, and why not? Why not overload it, because that's how we feel sometimes, that build-up of energy. It's totally expressed in this album, you just keep wanting to put it on. You don't always want to do that with albums.