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WATCH: New Errant Monks Video Sdvig!
John Doran , February 8th, 2019 09:24

Errant Monks' Joseph Charms declares war on tardiness, releases five albums in five months

Warning: video contains strobing images

The mysterious and erratic yet sensuously pounding northern electrical industrialists Errant Monks are back with a new video single 'Sdvig!' which you can watch above - and have announced two new albums.

This track is a lead single from new album The Limit-Experience which is due out on Maternal Voice on April 15. A remix of 'Sdvig' by Simon Crab of Bourbonese Qualk will feature on Errant Monks' other new album this Spring, Psychopposition which is due out on the GNOD affiliated Tesla Tapes on February 20.

Sdvig, by some accounts, is a Russian term for a sudden wrenching jolt from a geological fault. The cover art (also by Crab) and video feature an x-ray of front monk Joseph Charms' skull which was taken in Serbia after he suffered from alcohol-induced seizures and delerium tremens in 2016.

Charms is now a temperate man and has moved into the postcode adjacent to Gustave Flaubert's maxim - be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work - over recent years, even if not to the extent that they are next door neighbours. However he still maintains necessarily dynamic levels of artistic oppositional rage via slightly less catastrophic means.

Speaking about the new track he said: "'Sdvig!' is a rally cry for The Psychopposition, a movement on the frontline which serves to raise awareness regarding self-help and the decision to back affirmative political action for psychiatric patients and sufferers of enduring mental illness and addiction problems. No! The chemical cosh. No! The enforced imprisonment and barbaric treatment of those deemed abnormal, dangerous and inappropriate by an inherently psychopathic establishment and society. No! The social cleansing of an impoverished underclass."

As if this were not enough however, Charms has the rest of the first half of 2019 mapped out like the Ordinance Survey.

In January he released his first album as The Lincolnshire Poacher: Frequency Disruptor Vol. 1 via Baba Vanga.

Also due soon are two albums by Social Services, his new band featuring Neil Francis of Terminal Cheesecake and GNOD. Watch the skies for details.