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Mighty Lord Deathman Releases New Album
James Ball , January 24th, 2019 15:29

An Inhabitant of Karkoza is Mighty Lord Deathman's first release in two years

Portrait by Al Overdrive

Mighty Lord Deathman has released a new album via Bandcamp. You can listen to it below.

This is the artist's first release in two years, having last dropped a cassette, entitled I'M HAVING A FIGHT, on Pale Master in 2017.

The artist explains: "The album was inspired by a collection of short stories by Robert W. Chambers called The King In Yellow, which are probably best know these days as forming part of the inspiration for the first season of True Detective. Several of the stories are set around the idea of a mythical land called Carcosa - or Karkoza as I've renamed it for the release - a reality that exists just outside our own that has a particular fascination for artists, neurasthenics and 'sensitive types'.

"During a pretty bleak period I found myself thinking about this 'world within a world' a lot, and imagining what kind of music they might make there. It was also a period when I got pretty heavily into ragga and dancehall, so the combination of those two very distinct inspirations became the genesis of the record. That's usually how it works, to be honest, take two seemingly opposing ideas - in this case 19th century supernatural literature and Jamaican bass culture - and plough them into each other like Tonka trucks. Whether you can hear any of that in the record is, in my opinion, moot."

An Inhabitant of Karkoza is out now on Bandcamp.