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Baker's Dozen

Cosmic Portals: Gruff Rhys' Favourite Albums
Colm McAuliffe , January 23rd, 2019 11:42

Ahead of his gig at the Camden Roundhouse this week, Gruff Rhys waxes lyrical about 13 favourite records, deep cuts from the Welsh language underground and beyond


Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
This is another circumstantial choice from my long drive across America. Some of the tracks on this are twenty minutes long and perfect for a seven hour drive! It's good to have that time to let a song build and, because they are metronomic and electronic, it's great travelling music. There's a song called 'Patchwork' that Kliph played over and over again. It's maybe a portal into the records I've been listening to over the past decade, bands like Emeralds.

I've got kids of various ages and records like these are compromise records because I can put them on to get them to sleep and I also like listening to them, though one baby didn't react to meditative music and I had to put on head-banging music to get them to sleep. I could head bang away! I listen to a lot of instrumental music in the house, loudly. I enjoy not having a voice to interfere with my day.