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UK Drill Artists Given Suspended Sentences
Christian Eede , January 21st, 2019 18:22

UK drill rappers Skengdo and AM have been given suspended sentences for performing music which allegedly incited gang violence

Photo courtesy of Vicky Grout

Two UK drill rappers, who perform as Skengdo x AM, have been given suspended sentences for performing drill music which was said to incite violence against rival gang members.

As BBC News reports, the sentences were handed out after the pair plead guilty to breaching an injunction which barred them from making threats against rival gang members, including in music.

They were ultimately sentenced to nine months in jail, with the sentence suspended for two years. The injunction against the pair had come into place in August of last year and was handed out by the Metropolitan Police.

"It was breached when they performed drill music that incited and encouraged violence against rival gang members and then posted it on social media," said the Met's statement on the pair's injunction. Their manager has claimed that the pair were not involved in gang violence.

It's believed that the sentence is the first to be given following new legislation last year which saw the Metropolitan Police issue takedown notices through YouTube of a number of UK drill videos.