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KORG Announces Affordable Buchla-Inspired Modular
Christian Eede , January 16th, 2019 18:21

KORG expands its Volca range of battery-powered synths with a new Modular inspired by Don Buchla's synths

KORG is expanding its range of portable, battery-powered synths and drum machines, with the launch of Modular, which takes inspiration from the Buchla synth.

The Modular contains eight modules and 50 patch points. It allows users to create more experimental and abstract sounds than many other modular synths as it's inspired by the 'West Coast-style' synths of Don Buchla whose machines have been popular amongst musicians such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani. You can see it put to use via the video above. It will retail at $199. Find more information here.

The company has also launched the Drum, a digital percussion synth. It follows on from the three other drum-based Volca synths in the company's arsenal. The synth comes with a six-part DSP synth engine which gives users more advanced sound design potential. It will retail at around $170.