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Beyond The Iron Gates: How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground
Dylan Miller , November 27th, 2018 08:53

In the second in our series exploring the connections between far right politics and music, Dylan Miller investigates the satanic-fascist Order Of Nine Angles and how, via musician and artist Richard Moult and the experimental folk scene, they have connected with the UK underground. Please note - this article contains imagery that some readers might find disturbing.

A member of Nazi organisation the O9A posing with a WWII-era German machinegun and an artwork by Richard Moult

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"Let us not be mis-understood: genuine Satanists are evil… They cause, and strive to cause, Chaos, disruption, revolution... they bring joy, ecstasy and laughter, but perhaps most of all they bring death… death to those who have shown by their actions that they have a weak character or are a nuisance, or a hindrance to the spread of darkness." (O9A - 'Satanism - Epitome of Evil' ca. 2008)

What connects a convicted rapist in Yorkshire, a racist murderer in California, a critically-acclaimed underground experimental band from Ireland and a hip US "black metal chamber music" group? The answer is the once-obscure – and now influential – forty-year-old Satanic Neo-Nazi organization, The Order of Nine Angles (O9A), whose membership over the past decade has grown from a handful to an estimated 2000 adherents worldwide.

A number of O9A members are actively involved with the new generation of white-supremacist, neo-fascist and neo-Nazi organisations. This includes the UK's National Action, which was founded in 2013 and is now banned under the Terrorism Act, and international neo-Nazi group The Black Order. In the US, it includes the Atomwaffen Division, one of whose members has been convicted of murder, while the group is implicated in four more deaths.

"Musick creates itself… the composer, if naturally gifted, is a living NEXION. Thus, like any numinous form, Musick has the capability to presence forces and so alter the causal." (Christos Beest, aka Richard Moult, pictured below)

In early autumn of 2018 an anonymous document began to circulate within occult and musical underground circles accusing Newcastle-born artist and musician Richard Moult of using his connections with respected leftfield musicians to gain a wider audience for the Order of Nine Angles. Usually photographed in unassuming knitwear and spectacles, Moult is an accomplished, well-regarded musician; he was a regular member of Irish avant-folk band United Bible Studies and his own music has appeared on labels including A Year in The Country and Fort Evil Fruit. For at least two decades, however, Moult, under pseudonyms including Christos Beest, Beesty Boy and Audun, was a core member of The Order of Nine Angles, and for some years effectively ran it as its 'Outer Representative', training and initiating new members, editing its journal, Fenrir, and "giving a direction to [its] strategies".

Moult publicly left the O9A in 2001, but according to the circulated PDF, he returned in 2008, at a time when he was actively involved with United Bible Studies and other musicians – some of whom he collaborates with to this day. In The Dreccian Way, a handbook for the new generation of O9A members dated "yf 120" (2009), one of Moult's O9A aliases, 'Audun', sets out the goals for the revitalised organisation:

"At this time of writing the ONA is concerned with several major undertakings in preparedness for the return of the Dark Gods, three of which are… to create new forms, in image, word and musick, which depict and presence the manifesting acausal dark – the essence of the Dark Gods."

The Sinister Game

"Culling is natural and necessary. To cull humans is to be ONA. To cull – according to our guidelines and tests – is what makes us ONA." (The Dreccian Way, ONA, 2009)

The Order of Nine Angles originated as an obscure British 'Traditional' Satanism group in the 1970s, but over the next decades, under the leadership of David Myatt, would become an avowedly neo-Nazi organization, sharing roots and members with two of the most extreme British fascist groups of recent history, Combat 18 and the National Socialist Movement. Myatt, a former mercenary and bodyguard to fascist British Movement leader Colin Jordan, wrote reams of O9A literature under his own name and a variety of pseudonyms, such as Anton Long and – on far-right message boards – Darklogos. Myatt saw the Order as a tool to further his dream of overthrowing "Magian" (liberal, Judeo-Christian) civilization.

Although the O9A set itself apart – and still does – from 'mundane', exoteric fascism, in the late 1990s Myatt, along with fellow members of Combat 18, founded the National Socialist Movement. This organisation had as a member David Copeland, who killed three people and seriously injured over a hundred more during his 1999 London bombing spree. As if running two fascist organisations wasn't enough for one man, around the same time, Myatt also founded Reichsfolk, a cultural and religious National Socialist faction, many of whose codes and ideas have been folded into the current phase of O9A ideology. Now in his late 60s, Myatt converted to Islam in 1998 before renouncing it in 2010, and now claims to have rejected violent extremism altogether, though he does appear to maintain links to the O9A, whose most prominent voices continue to promote his philosophical developments in Satanic terms.

Our view – as supporters of our Western culture – is that a resurgent National Socialism, or a resurgent fascism, or something politically similar, embodies what is necessary to bring down the Old Order from whose ruins a New Order will emerge. (O9A, TWS Nexion)

That the O9A is at heart a neo-Nazi organisation is unequivocal. Even its calendrical system of Fayens, or yF – from the Anglo Saxon word for rejoicing – is dated from 1889, Adolf Hitler's birthday, perhaps a hangover from Myatt's National Socialist Movement, in which yF stood for Year of the Fuhrer. While O9A members like to differentiate themselves from 'mundane' fascists and neo-nazis, their ultimate aim, to overthrow democratic Magian civilization by spreading chaos and crime, succeeded by the establishment of an Aryan culture on Earth, is shared by many such groups. Ever ambitious, the O9A seek to take things much further. They envisage being led, by a messiah-like figure known as Vindex, deep into the cosmos, where they will establish a Galactic Reich "to champion and make known our unique human Destiny of Galactic exploration and the colonization of Outer Space" (The Dreccian Way).

Creating a perfectly sinister world, however, requires creating perfectly sinister humans, and this aim, they believe, can be achieved through the practice of "genuine modern heresies", rigorous mental and physical trials and the enactment of ritual magick. Progression within the Order requires the successful completion of a number of tasks, undertaken over years, even decades, several of them concerned with occult self-mastery and the honing of one's physical and magickal abilities. But many O9A initiation rites are far more sinister in practice. The Dreccian Way, a training manual for the O9A's 'dreccian' tribe, introduced by "Audun" (one of Moult's O9A identities), and shaped by Myatt's ideas, exhorts readers not just to commit crime, but to "spread it, encourage it, incite it, support it". Within their literature they advocate ritualised rape, lynching, random attacks on innocent victims and what they describe as "human culling". "Culling" is one of a number of "Sinister Standards" which must be met in order to become a true initiate.

The Dreccian Way advises initiates on the culling of carefully selected 'opfers' (human sacrifices, named after the rune for self-sacrifice, used by the Nazis), discussing in detail the code to which O9A members and affiliated "dreccs" must adhere. In another text, initiates are commanded to "Find, and test… a suitable mundane, and then cull that mundane. If you cannot do this – you failed."

Also central to a serious O9A initiate's experience is the 'Insight Role', whereby they are encouraged to infiltrate and rise through the ranks of organisations as far from their prior life-experience as possible, typically for somewhere between six months to a year. One document suggests such roles may include joining the police force or the military – which, it is suggested, might also facilitate human culling – becoming a professional burglar or travelling the world by foot. Such roles should hone an initiate's physical and mental skills, as part of their transformation into an Aryan-Satanic ubermensch. More often than not, O9A members are encouraged to take insight roles in groups defined by Magian standards as 'heretical', such as neo-nazi or jihadist organisations.

Jackboots On The Ground

"Two acts of assault are most commonly recommended: lynching, and sexual assault." (The Dreccian Way)

One only has to briefly consider the real-world consequences of the propaganda spread by the ONA and its affiliates to understand the genuine threat that they pose. How many unsolved hate crimes in Europe and the US are O9A style 'opfers' or initiations we will never know, but at least two in the past year can be directly traced to O9A membership.

The US-based neo-Nazi group Attomwaffen Division contains a large number of O9A adherents; earlier this year AWD member Samuel Woodward was convicted of the murder of Blaze Bernstein, a gay Jewish student, in Orange County, California. AWD are currently linked to at least four other murders.

In the UK Ryan Fleming (aka A.A. Morain) of the Yorkshire-based O9A nexion Drakon Covenant, as well as the banned fascist group National Action, is currently serving a three-year jail sentence for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl who he had groomed online. He has also previously served time for the physical abuse of a mentally-disabled teenage boy. Described by a judge as "boastful and arrogant", Fleming believes himself to be part of a Satanic elite that is above and beyond 'mundane' laws. Under his A.A. Morain pseudonym, Fleming has written several books of vampiric/satanic fiction and non-fiction published by Martinet Press, run by Jillian Hoy in South Carolina, USA.

As well as reflecting O9A initiation rites, the crimes of Fleming and Woodward mirror the content of an emerging culture of Nazi-Satanist fan fictions, whose writing is encouraged as part of an O9A initiate's practice. A key text is Iron Gates, also published by Hoy's Martinet and credited to the 'Tempel ov Blood', an O9A-affiliated group headed by Hoy and Joshua Caleb Sutter. (Something of a neo-fascist power-couple, Hoy and Sutter previously operated as North Korean propagandists and Hindu Ultra-Nationlists/Esoteric Hitlerists, before turning to the O9A.) The book, which is freely available on Amazon, depicts a grim post-Magian future, set largely in concentration camps, in which opfers and child rape are carried out with post-messianic zeal. Iron Gates and other Martinet Press output provide us with disturbing insights into the mindset and desires of the new Satanic far right – "Iron Gates, NOW!", meanwhile, has become a rallying cry for Atomwaffen Division.

The Crooked Path of Christos Beest

Richard Moult's involvement in the O9A dates back to the late 1980s. In a privately-circulated memoir, Myndsquilver (written in 2011), Moult describes a youth spent as something of a 'seeker' – an outsider figure searching for spiritual fulfilment through a number of occult, esoteric and political subcultures. He describes "a disposition towards finding beauty in melancholia" and reveals that his involvement in occult groups was often marred by difficulties assimilating with fellow members as he himself sought a more extreme, sinister path. He writes: "the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan… were contrived gothic circuses… they held for me nothing of the arcane darkness I was searching for." But the Order of Nine Angles was able to offer just that.

After a lengthy involvement in the movement, during which he developed several key O9A texts, Moult appeared to abandon the order in 2001 and publicly considered converting to Catholicism (the branch of Christianity most often favoured by recovering occultists). During this time his musical career flourished and he released material both as a solo artist and through collaborations with, amongst others, United Bible Studies and Michael Lawrence. He also worked with David Tibet of Current 93 – though these recordings were were never formally released – and Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus, Death in June and Above The Ruins.

Moult didn't hide his "colourful" past from his new collaborators but emphasised that his life as a Satanic neo-Nazi was well and truly behind him. He was now more likely to be found tending his garden or meditating in church than encouraging violent 'opferings', and he gained the trust of members of this new community. In recent years Moult has married and settled down with children in the Hebrides. But, despite his assurances, the O9A was never far away.

In 2011, to the consternation of some of his musical collaborators, Moult published The Emanations Tarot, a deck reflecting the myths, symbols and imagery of the O9A, in collaboration with Ryan Anschauung (allegedly Kris McDermott), founder of the Australian O9A-offshoot Temple of Them. The deck, also known as The Sinister Tarot seemed designed to trade upon his lingering status within the growing Order and sold well. Moult's artwork depicted typical O9A imagery, including a portrait of founder David Myatt and an image of the decapitated head of German officer Claus von Stauffenberg, who led the plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944. The opening image of this article, taken from the cover of the ONA journal Fenrir, shows a masked O9A member holding up card 16, 'War', from Moult's tarot deck; next to him is a WWII-era MG-42 machine gun favoured by the SS – the image is captioned "Seth, ONA, Afghanistan, 2011" – was "Seth" serving in the UK or US military? At least one Atomwaffen Division member, Vasillios Pistolis, has served in the US Marines.

Stauffenberg tarot card

Myatt portrait by Moult

Whatever reasoning lay behind the publication of The Sinister Tarot, and despite his alleged renunciation of the Order, Moult's own memoir, Myndsquilver, published the same year as the deck, makes clear that he had never fully abandoned the O9A, and continued to author texts and advise initiates long after his alleged exile. "It struck me then that this immersion in 'the Light' [i.e. His experimentation with Christianity] was exactly the process described by the stage of post Internal Adept/pre-Abyss," wrote Moult, "That beyond the Abyss there would be a synthesis of opposites."

So, Moult explicitly states that his leaving the O9A and becoming Catholic were merely further stages in his development along the path of the Nine Angles – and he began working with its members again, in secret: "I began to slowly play a hidden role within the ONA, guiding/advising one or two individuals, writing the odd article... At this time my musical life flourished and I was working with several reasonably well-known groups and individuals. In order to protect their reputation… two articles were written by the Order… underplaying my involvement."

Tellingly, this last paragraph is omitted from the version of Myndsquilver circulated amongst his musical collaborators, but is present in the version given to O9A members (both were eventually leaked online). Amongst the individuals that Moult advised were Chloe Ortega and Kayla DiGiovanni, who operated as White Star Acception and sought to develop a version of the O9A modelled on skinhead gangs – the aforementioned 'Dreccian Way'. During this period, the 'Old Guard' (Moult and Myatt) also encouraged O9A members to engage exhaustively with social media, growing the O9A's online presence until it became a self-sufficient online subculture with a considerably expanded membership.

In my limited correspondence with Richard Moult for this article, he presents himself as a left-leaning libertarian who champions "individual freedoms" above all – "as long as those freedoms do not cause harm or suffering to others". When questioned over the overt Nazi imagery in his Tarot paintings, Moult claims; "There is no political content in my painting, music or poetry," instead arguing that the subjects of his paintings are "broad, mystical ones based upon Jungian archetypes."

While he admits to maintaining an "ongoing close friendship with David Myatt", Moult closed our exchange with an insistent renunciation of the O9A: "I utterly condemn, reject and denounce any individual or organisation - INCLUDING THE ONA/O9A - which glorifies and/or encourages acts of suffering and destruction."

This is the first time Moult has explicitly and publicly rejected the order. Perhaps he does genuinely regret his past and believes, sincerely, that the activities he promoted and advocated were wrong. Although his history of deception doesn't do him any favours, we can only take him at his word.

Moult's musical collaborators certainly believed him the first time he renounced the O9A. David Colohan of United Bible Studies claims that when Moult began working with the band in 2008, "in conversations with several members of UBS Richard intimated that he had severed links with and ceased participating in both the ONA specifically and far right politics generally, and that he essentially regretted his involvement in those organisations as the mistakes of a younger and much more foolish man."

Moult (right) with United Bible Studies

Rebuffing accusations that he might have enjoyed the edginess that Moult's presence brought to his band, which presents itself as within the sinister folk tradition, Colohan continues: "The far right is morally, spiritually and intellectually repugnant, and anyone who actively participates in or supports far right groups or movements is not someone the members of United Bible Studies wish to be associated with." When Colohan learned last year that Moult had deceived UBS and was, at some level still involved with the ONA, "it was mutually decided that Richard would no longer work with United Bible Studies".

Similarly, Fort Evil Fruit, one of the labels under which Moult released material, removed his releases once they were made aware of his beliefs and the true nature of the ONA. Upon seeing the circulated PDF, Paul Condon who runs the label claims he "didn't want to deal with anything with far right connections". As well as dropping Moult and removing his work from the label's Bandcamp page, Condon removed the work of his collaborator, the West Country musician known as 'Michael Morthwork'.

Michael Morthwork, MMP Temple image, removed from (not by) Facebook

For a man who has supposedly left the world of Nazi-Satanism behind, Moult keeps some surprising company. As recently as September 2017 he collaborated with 'Morthwork' on a cassette album of eerie pastoral guitar music, The Man Whom The Trees Loved (named after the 1912 novella by Algernon Blackwood). 'Morthwork' runs the label MMP Temple and, perhaps emboldened by his anonymity, is explicit about his ties to O9A and affiliate National Socialist organisations like The Black Order.

MMP Temple's Bandcamp page also contained releases credited to the Order of Nine Angles, many of which featured artwork and compositions by Moult, as well as Morthwork's own music: scratchy Black Metal and sinister O9A chants released under his 'Hammemit' and 'Deverills Nexion' monikers (a Nexion is a regional O9A cell).

Following my approach for an interview, MMP Temple took down both their Bandcamp and Facebook pages – the latter containing images (see below) of desecrated human remains, including a rotting human head (grave robbing is an offence under the 1984 Anatomy Act), swastikas, and images celebrating other neo-Nazi groups including The Black Order (referred to as "comrades"):

MMP Temple image, removed from (not by) Facebook

MMP Temple image, removed from (not by) Facebook

MMP Temple image, removed from (not by) Facebook

Explaining his decision when asked for this article, Morthwork told me: "It is inevitable that in the wake of such an article as yours, some self-declared guardian of morality will make it their business to have our Facebook page reported and shut down, we therefore deny them the satisfaction of having done so. A social media presence or indeed any related internet page is of no great importance to us in any case."

In keeping with O9A doctrine, Morthwork also sought to distance himself from the "so-called alt-right," whose politics he described as "meaningless abstraction"; "call us neo-Nazis if you will, but do not make assumptions otherwise about our motives or alignments… All hail darkness and evil!"

Morthwork himself was, and still is, an active member of the Order, maintaining his Deverills Nexion (the Deverills are a collection of villages in West Wiltshire) and contributing to the O9A journal Fenrir, which for a while appeared in a glossy print edition, as well as online PDFs. Fenrir features Dreccian fiction and artwork and interviews with the likes of Moult and hero of National Socialist Black Metal, Varg Vikernes. Collaborating with Morthwork would not appear to be the actions of a man trying to distance himself from the O9A…

Towards The Galactic Reich

As we move toward the beginning of our new sinister Aeon with the emergence of sinister tribes in place of nation-States – that we are beginning to shed the term satanism and instead describe ourselves as sinister, as Dreccian, as Dark Warriors of The Sinister Way, as assassins of Baphomet, as the sorcerers, and the warriors, of Vindex; among other terms." (O9A Questions, 2016)

In occult circles, the O9A was once jokingly referred to as 'The Order of No Members,' since for many years its membership appeared to be limited to Myatt and Moult. This is no longer the case. The twenty-first-century O9A is made up of a global network of loosely-affiliated 'nexions', united by their ultimate goal to overthrow Magian democratic society. O9A Nexions now operate locally and independently, recruiting via online occult and fascist messageboards, while new sacred texts are regularly added to the corpus. The Order is also making inroads into the global black metal scene, with a number of musicians and labels drawing on its own substantial legacy, imagery, terminology and mythology – most of it originating in texts written by David Myatt in the 1980s – to bolster their own sinister 'authenticity'.

In May 2018 LA Weekly reviewed a gig by 'Hvile I Kaos,' a Californian "black metal chamber music" group. The band's leader, 26-year-old Kakaphonix, discussed how he drew spiritual insight and inspiration from O9A, while the band's music is released via the Deathwave Nexion label, a US vehicle for O9A-related music, some of which proudly features cover art by Richard Moult. Hvile I Kaos themselves made this Facebook statement about their beliefs on 7th November, which are in line with aspects of O9A's vision of ubermensch, if not that of the White Nationalists amongst the Order: "The Western Aeon is at an end, and attempting to preserve its trappings and hierarchies is ultimately futile. The race of the future is not white, black, brown, yellow, or red. ALL must be replaced with an archetype more majestic and terrifying than anything the failed human race has birthed thus far."

While praising their chamber-music take on black metal, the LA Weekly piece makes no mention of the O9A's wider fascist agenda – presumably the work of hurried newspaper music journalists and editors having neither the time, nor the disposition, to dig deeper into their hip new discovery. Whether by accident or design, the result is the same – the O9A is now getting mentioned, without comment, in the arts pages of one of America's best-known publications.

In July 2018, on the hugely popular Folk Horror Revival Facebook Group, Marc O'Connor posted 'River Redlake', a track by 'The Order of The Nine Angles' (written and performed by Christos Beest, aka Richard Moult) and hosted on Morthwork's MMP Temple Bandcamp page (now closed).

He also recommended giving Morthwork's musical project Deverill's Nexion a listen. O'Connor's own Facebook page displays the Algiz rune within a laurel wreath, the symbol of National Alliance, an American Neo-Nazi group. This social media sharing builds pathways between the blossoming Folk Horror movement which, like the wider folkloric and pagan scenes, implicitly contains the potential for retrogressive, traditionalist and nationalistic readings, and the O9A's own fascistic, sinister mythos.

These instances represent entryism in action – the process of infiltrating existing communities or cultures, especially fringe groups and subcultures, to propagate your ideas. Every aesthetic expression of the Order of the Nine Angles – every text, every image, and every piece of music – is propaganda for the Order and its associates, and with it comes the potential for recruiting new members.

Far right groups have long attempted to make headway into other outsider or underground scenes – particularly punk, noise, black metal and neo-folk music or heathen strands of paganism – it's now almost impossible to differentiate a white nationalist's use of runic symbols from those of a peace-loving heathen. The next stage of development following such an infiltration is the normalisation of extreme ideas and memes within the targeted subculture followed by, as we are now seeing all around the world, the normalisation and acceptance of once unacceptable ideas within mainstream political discourse. The slow-burning far right infiltration of the online geek cultures surrounding the 4chan message boards over the past decade proved instrumental in the evolution of the American alt-right and, ultimately, the election of Donald Trump.

While the superior, space-faring O9A like to distance themselves from ordinary fascist groups, their call to "cull the mundanes" is essentially the same as the 4channer drive to "kill all normies"; but we shouldn't let their inherent absurdities undermine the seriousness with which we treat them. As Robert Evans noted in a recent Bellingcat article: "one of the more frustrating elements about covering the fascist right is that much of what they say sounds ridiculous and makes them appear less than serious. This is why it is important to remember that these groups have a body count and represent a real threat. Their absurdity does not negate their danger."

We are as we are, representing as we do a specific new type, a new breed, of human being, a specific new and expanding tribal family of human beings. (O9A 'Fenrir' magazine, 2010)

The O9A is now an institution with a literature and mythology to rival Scientology, and has far outgrown Moult and Myatt's original vision, and their ability, or desire, to manage it. It's unsettling to say it, but it is also an institution whose time is now – as autocrats, oligarchs and dictators seize power around the world, Myatt must be hoping that he may yet live to see the collapse of Western democracy.

Myatt, and Richard Moult after him, opened themselves up to the darkest forces that they could envisage. If we are generous we could view Moult as simply a vessel – an occult seeker deceived and exploited by the O9A's chief architect, David Myatt, to further his lifelong aim of destroying Judeo-Christian culture. Indeed Myatt has stated in the past that his occult groups were simply a means to propagate his political ideas: "my occult involvement, such as it was in the 1970's (sic) and later, was for the singular purpose of subversion and infiltration in the cause of National-Socialism".

But it's hard to take anything Myatt says at face value, so successfully has he enshrouded himself in self-contradictory disinformation – something he has mythologised as the Order's 'Labyrinthos Mythologicus'. Moult, meanwhile, may genuinely regret the actions of his past, but between them, he and Myatt have opened Pandora's Box, and created a global, leaderless collective whose presence is now far more threatening than one could have foreseen in the ONA's formative years.

The question remains: what can we, as music fans and music makers, do about organisations like the Order of Nine Angles? As I hope this article makes clear, the first thing to do it to inform ourselves of their goals and their history. The next, unless you want to become one of them, is to reject them outright. By welcoming the music of Moult, Morthwork, Hvile I Kaos or any other O9A bands into your culture or scene, you welcome their poison, and their four-decade-long legacy of hate, with it.

You may argue that the music in itself is harmless, that there is no explicit O9A, crypto-facist message within it, but that is exactly the point – their music creates an intriguing and seemingly authentic 'sinister' atmosphere: a lure that will encourage some listeners to explore further. Most will probably be repelled – or simply puzzled – by what they find when exposed to the O9A's 'Labyrinthos Mythologicus'; but a handful won't be.

And even a single new member for a group that incites its followers to kill, rape and hate the rest of us, is one member too many.

Follow ups on this piece.

Richard Moult declared that:

There is no political content in my work, nor in that resulting from collaborations. I hold no political views save that of championing individual freedoms, as long as those freedoms do not seek to cause suffering to others – with these “others” also including all the non-human life forms we share this planet with…

While we accept his statement, we also still believe that Moult is either naive or disingenuous if he thinks that collaborating with the likes of Michael Morthwork is compatible with his sentiment. Little has been heard of Morthwork since he removed his internet presence, though we are aware that the local police have taken an interest in his activities.

After initially attempting to defend his involvement with the Order of Nine Angles, Christopher Edward Brown, aka Kakophonix of Hvile I Kaos formally disengaged from the group:

In light of recent circumstances, public and private, I am taking this opportunity to announce my departure from the Order of Nine Angles. This decision comes not only due to the recent media scrutiny, but also from a place of honest self-evaluation, as well as some needed consultation from those closest to me. In short, my continued involvement with the O9A praxis is no longer compatible with the artistic and spiritual goals that propel me, and Hvile I Kaos, forward.

The band have gigs planned for this year and we wish them well with their lives and their music.

In the article's wake Deathwave Nexion the O9A label behind Hvile I Kaos, Nameless Theirein, Serpent ov Old and publisher and promoter of other O9A-related materials, closed down without explanation, removing all its websites and social media presence.

The Order of Nine Angles and its supporters rolled out its usual line, that the O9A’s philosophy is anarchist rather than fascist, that Myatt’s path of pathei mathos allows O9A’s followers to judge their actions based upon their own ethical and moral codes. We encourage readers to decide for themselves what the O9A and its many affiliates represent. A reminder of the Order's true face came in an online post incorporating a not so subtle threat of violence against us (later edited out):

Would some zealous person associating themselves with the O9A – having reached the stage of External Adept on the O9A Seven Fold Way – therefore consider someone such as “D” as a suitable opfer? Is that one of the reasons why “D” chose to write their tendentious anti-O9A article using a pseudonym? Or perhaps “D” feared some zealous, O9A-alinged, neo-nazis might do violence to D and/or to D’s family?

As if to reinforce this point, just days after our piece was published, the BBC reported that Andrew Dymock, 21, and Oskar Dunn-Koczorowki, 17, leading members of Sonnenkrieg Division, a British offshoot of National Action with strong ties to Atomwaffen Division and the O9A, were arrested and charged with terrorist offences after distributing memes suggesting that Prince Harry should be shot as a race traitor.

We'll provide further updates as they arise.