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LISTEN: New The Silver Field
Christian Eede , November 22nd, 2018 11:09

The Silver Field, otherwise known as Coral Rose, will release her debut album early next year via Tim Burgess' O Genesis Recordings. Streaming exclusively above, ahead of that, is a new track, titled 'Gost'.

The track, which features on the album Rooms, stretches out across almost seven minutes, and surmises the multi-instrumental offerings of the album. Rose, who produced the album in her bedroom, takes in double bass, cello, guitar, mandolin, harmonium and a bagpipe chanter across the record, while also making use of her father's old SPX-90 effects rack.

She also teams up with a small cast of collaborators with Vanishing Twin's Cathy Lucas providing enchanting electronic valve instrument contributions on the album's opening track 'Afire', and Kiran Bhatt of Red River Dialect playing drums on lead track 'Rain'.

A number of tracks on the album are pulled together from tape loops. Rose says that "the unpredictability of using a loop of tape rather than dragging something about on screen means sometimes something some little part of it becomes this perfect loop that I never would have heard if I was trying to compose something from the recordings myself."

The reel-to-reel player used for these loops was discovered at a car-boot sale. "The guy gave it to me for £1 – it was the last change I had on me – because I got talking to him about Daphne Oram," Rose explains. "It wasn't in great shape and I kind of nursed it back to life. It had extra character because of that though, I think. A lot of the songs on the album aren't in concert pitch because it tended to speed things up or slow things down, and often added strange sounds into the mix like the bass wobble in 'Gost'.

O Genesis Recordings will release Rooms on January 11. You can pre-order it here.