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Baker's Dozen

Sharing The Love: Jeff Goldblum's Favourite Music
Lior Phillips , November 21st, 2018 10:00

As Jeff Goldblum hits the UK with his new jazz album, he guides Lior Phillips through 13 favourite pieces of music, from Chet Baker to Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Tony Benett and Vera Lynn


Tony Bennett - 'Emily'
Emily is also the name of my wife. We've been together seven years now, and on the second day we knew each other I invited her to a gig that we were playing. We had a weekly gig at a place called Cafe Was. I was very struck with her then, as I still am struck with her today, and we have two young boys now. But I sang to her from the stage, just making stuff up and fooling around. But then I said, "Hey Emily's here. Do you know this song, 'Emily'?” I started to sing it to her and since then it's always spoken to me. I met Tony Bennett in passing once, believe it or not, while out doing publicity. Gee, I just think the world of him. He acted in a movie called The Oscar, playing Hymie Kelly, which you absolutely have to see. But anyway, when Emily and I got married, during the vows, I sang a snippet of the song again for her. Music is always my way of sharing what I love with other people.