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Baker's Dozen

Sharing The Love: Jeff Goldblum's Favourite Music
Lior Phillips , November 21st, 2018 10:00

As Jeff Goldblum hits the UK with his new jazz album, he guides Lior Phillips through 13 favourite pieces of music, from Chet Baker to Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Tony Benett and Vera Lynn


Miles Davis - 'My Funny Valentine'
Well, I love Miles Davis. And 'My Funny Valentine' was a track on one of his records that I would put on as a wake-up alarm for myself. For awhile, during the course of a couple of movie jobs, I would have to wake myself up — and as you know, you've got to be up very early sometimes on the movies, and that's the first thing I'd hear right out of my sleep. I'd hear the first strains of 'My Funny Valentine', as if I were still dreaming. The way Miles Davis plays it is absolutely unbelievable.