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Baker's Dozen

Transgressive & Alien: ADULT.'s Favourite Albums
Daniel Dylan Wray , November 14th, 2018 11:52

As ADULT. prepare to tour Europe, Nicola Kuperus and Adam Miller tell Daniel Dylan Wray about their 13 favourite albums drawn from the tough and leather side of life, from Throbbing Gristle to Nitzer Ebb, Einstürzende Neubauten to Drexciya


Throbbing Gristle - Greatest Hits
Adam Miller: Most people would pick 20 Jazz Funk Greats but 'Subhuman' and 'Adrenaline' are some of the most important songs to us. Those are so glaringly missing from that album. I came to TG late, I arrived via Psychic TV in around 1994. It got into it through the raves I was going to at the time. I think I even heard Chris & Cosey before TG.

Nicola Kuperus: I came very late.

AM: I had a friend in college that brought home a Psychic TV video that was just a close up of a rectum. It was being poked with a needle and it was one of those things where you're just like, 'what in the world am I watching?' Going back to themes of being alien or transgressive, this was both.

What did TG sound like going backwards when you already had the context of Psychic TV and Chris & Cosey?

AM: Much more transgressive.

NK: I had no idea about them until my early twenties and I met Adam. I never thought that electronic music could be so punk. I was so against electronic music at that point in my life, I pretty much abandoned anything with a synthesiser. But there was this switch happening, where all this music I had loved as a teenager was becoming really popular and jock-oriented. There was a part of me that was searching for something else. When I was introduced to TG it was like, 'holy fuck, this is beyond anything.' You can take a song like 'Adrenaline' and it's so electronic but it's so raw and dark. You have tracks like 'Hamburger Lady' and 'AB/7A' from the same artist. How is that even possible?