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Wild Imaginings: DJ Muggs Of Cypress Hill's Favourite LPs
Elizabeth Aubrey , November 7th, 2018 08:40

DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill guides Elizabeth Aubrey through 13 inspirational records, from Wu-Tang Clan to Mobb Deep, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy... and Cypress Hill themselves


Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill
When this record was released, it was our whole life at that point. All of our life's experience was in there and it was so important to us and to our hopes. This album opened up everything for us as a band and our dreams suddenly started being revealed. It opened doors for us to do things we wanted and it changed all of our lives forever.

We didn't pick up a tour for like six months after this came out. Back then, you would build a record on the underground for a while in front of like 30 people and then it would start connecting with people on different radio stations via different DJs in New York. Once the shit started getting crazy and once people starting knowing the music, it got a buzz round it which eventually made for our first exciting tour experience. We'd been doing back yard parties since 1987 and we'd been doing lots of shows. When we got to touring it, we were ready.

About this time we were doing demos off other people's records and I was just playing the records back and forth. I got down with this other group from Brooklyn called The 7A3; I wanted to learn the music business and they helped with that. They had a song, they got signed on a major label and put out an album. Just going through that process and not really understanding what it was yet, I learned a lot of mad shit. Afterwards, when I came back to do Cypress, we were [still] working on a demo but then we really started to become a band after that because we knew what we were doing more. We'd each learned so much shit about how everything operates that it just made it all easier. That's why we came out with everything all pretty fucking together really.

We knew this shit was banging, we knew it was dope and that gave us confidence. But when you're so close to something you need to take a step back sometimes. When we put it out fully and people I respected and admired became fans of our music, it was incredible and life-changing for us. We also liked the same music and the same shit – many of the records in this list is what brought us together in the first place. This album started everything.