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Playing Possum: Matthew Holness's Other Dark Places
Mat Colegate , October 26th, 2018 09:46

Mat Colegate interviews Matthew Holness about his film debut Possum, out this weekend. Learn about how Holness was introduced to the world of horror fiction, the funniness of failure, and then click through to hear Holness talk about his favourite examples of the genre


Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
That was a big influence on the Possum screenplay. I guess because it's about someone who’s created a version of themselves, so it shares that plot element if nothing else. But the sense of tragedy as well. I know she rewrote Frankenstein and I think I prefer the second version of it, which is far more about a tragic fall. I always find that very moving.

Growing up, the Frankenstein myth has been everywhere, in so many different forms that it's something that you always go back to. And its interesting to realise how different the original is from a lot of stuff that's come out since. It was hugely influential on me as a kid as well. There was something about it starting in the frozen wastes and all that kind of stuff. It goes to so many places, but there is essentially a tragedy in it as well. You come out of reading it and you're always wishing it would end another way.