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Baker's Dozen

Working Class Woman: Marie Davidson's Favourite Albums
Christian Eede , October 24th, 2018 09:45

Following the release earlier this month of her best record yet, titled Working Class Woman, Marie Davidson talks to Christian Eede about 13 of her favourite records covering Kraftwerk, Eminem, Donna Summer and more


Cybotron - Enter
When I heard the track ‘Alleys of Your Mind’ on this album for the first time, I wasn’t massively into techno or electro. I didn’t care too much for that kind of music and then I heard that and was like ‘wow, what is this?’ It talked to my soul. A while after, I discovered that those guys - all the early techno and electro producers from Detroit - were of course very influenced by Kraftwerk, and I was already listening to them around the time. I was also listening to Chris & Cosey aged about 19, so it all made sense. I only fully discovered records like this, and that whole Detroit movement, years later when I was around 23.