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Working Class Woman: Marie Davidson's Favourite Albums
Christian Eede , October 24th, 2018 09:45

Following the release earlier this month of her best record yet, titled Working Class Woman, Marie Davidson talks to Christian Eede about 13 of her favourite records covering Kraftwerk, Eminem, Donna Summer and more


Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby
This is definitely my favourite disco record of all-time. Donna Summer is probably my favourite singer and Moroder is a major influence as a producer. You can probably hear that in my music, the way he uses arpeggios and basslines is definitely incorporated into my music in some ways. Together, they are the perfect duo to make perfect music. It’s very minimalistic in terms of the lyrics. It’s a very minimal vocal part but the way it’s done is so smart. There are bridges after bridges. There are no verses or choruses, the lyrics are repeated like a mantra. It sounds very erotic and finds different ways to say the same thing over and over. I think this was written before ‘I Feel Love’ and I heard that people said to Moroder after ‘Love To Love You Baby’ that he needs to do another similar track. You can just let the record play out because it’s really long. There’s this constant build-up with both tracks and the end feels very climax-oriented.