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Working Class Woman: Marie Davidson's Favourite Albums
Christian Eede , October 24th, 2018 09:45

Following the release earlier this month of her best record yet, titled Working Class Woman, Marie Davidson talks to Christian Eede about 13 of her favourite records covering Kraftwerk, Eminem, Donna Summer and more


Kraftwerk - Computer World
I chose Computer World because I had to choose one album but it could have been any Kraftwerk album, from Ralf and Florian to Electric Café. I love all of them and they’re all obviously very influential to me. I thought I didn’t like Tour de France when I was younger because I was like ‘this is cheesy’, but I came back to it maybe a year or two ago, and actually thought it was pretty good. They’re always so ahead of other people. Kraftwerk for me were like magic. I never thought I could make music like that, discovering it all was surreal.