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Thom Yorke Shares Track For Greenpeace
Christian Eede , October 17th, 2018 13:18

Thom Yorke is Greenpeace's latest Antarctic Ambassador and he's released a new track to mark the occasion

Thom Yorke has shared a new track in conjunction with his role as an Antarctic Ambassador for Greenpeace.

'Hands off the Antarctic', an entirely instrumental track, has been released as part of Greenpeace's ongoing campaign to create a protected area in the Antarctic in a bid to fight against climate change.

"There are some places on this planet that are meant to stay raw and wild and not destroyed by humanity’s footprint," Thom Yorke has told Ireland'sThe Independent. "This track is about stopping the relentless march of those heavy footsteps. The Antarctic is a true wilderness and what happens there affects us all. That's why we should protect it."

This is the latest solo project from Yorke as he gears up to release his soundtrack for the film Suspiria later this month.