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WATCH: New Virginia Wing Video
Christian Eede , October 1st, 2018 11:08

Virginia Wing have unveiled a new video for recent album track 'Eight Hours Don't Make A Day'. You can watch it exclusively above.

The track features on the duo's latest album, Ecstatic Arrow, which was released in June via Fire Records. The video above sets the defiantly upbeat track against candidly shot footage.

"It was shot on a JVC Everio camera that I got for a tenner, if you watch closely, certain shots have a blue pixel on them, because it's essentially knackered," says Virginia Wing's Sam Pillay. "I'd never edited a video before this one, and I think that shows."

"There was no initial concept, I just took shots of things I liked in the hope that it all looked good together in context. I think the larger relevance of it all became clear as I started to edit things Without putting too fine a point on it, the past few years have been a really bad time from a mental health perspective, and there have been a few periods where everything felt as if it would culminate in one very specific thing.

"With this video, I think I was trying to document my 'recovery' or a return to a more even keel. It's been a nice summer, it's good to feel as if i'm back on earth again. Just before Christmas last year, I stuck a tag from a herbal tea on a set of shelves in my bedroom. It says 'Peace of mind comes piece by piece'. This video is a sort of visual reminder of that sentiment."

The pair will today embark on a UK tour kicking off at Oxford's The Jericho Tavern taking in stops in London, Bristol, Glasgow and more, before finishing at Manchester's new YES venue on October 13. They will also play Utrecht's Le Guess Who? festival on November 11. You can find their full list of upcoming tour dates here and you can check their latest album out here.