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LISTEN: New Ron Morelli Album
Christian Eede , September 20th, 2018 15:40

L.I.E.S. Records boss Ron Morelli shares his new album, due out soon on Hospital Productions

Since 2010, L.I.E.S. Records head honcho Ron Morelli has been releasing a wave of excellent techno records from a wide array of names including the likes of Randomer, Legowelt, Low Jack, Tzusing, Silent Servant and more.

Alongside that, he's also been making his own music and much of that music has been released under his own name via Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions label. His fourth album for the label, and his first since 2015's A Gathering Together is Disappearer which is set for full release tomorrow (September 21).

The album sees the producer experimenting with a variety of tempos turning in scuzzy beatless pieces of harsh noise alongside chugging industrial tracks and gritty techno. You can hear it for yourself via the exclusive stream above.

Keep reading below for a quick chat with Morelli about the record and the space he keeps between his own productions and his own label. Disappearer is out tomorrow and can be pre-ordered here.

The tracks on Disappearer were produced across the last two years. Were they put together with the idea that they may eventually forming part of an LP in some guise or were you just working without set intentions?

Ron Morelli: Originally I was thinking about putting together a big tape project with multiple cassettes as it allows for longer runtime, thus executing more ideas within the format. As I worked it seemed as if many of the tracks were fitting together, thus forming an LP. So at the start it wasn't concrete that this would be an LP per say.

You continue to release music under your name via Hospital Productions rather than, for example, through your own label. Is there a particular vision behind that distinction?

RM: I have mentioned it before and I think that it's good to have deadlines and an outside opinion and view when releasing music. If I were to release it on my own label it would be very open ended thus would most likely not get done as there would be no deadline. Also to have my music on Hospital Productions standing as a separate entity gives me a healthy distance and also exposes the music to a different audience rather than if I did it my own label.

Would you say your sound or approach to writing music has significantly changed from the sessions that produced your last album for Hospital Productions?

RM: The last LP for Hospital Productions in 2015 was actually very precise and composed in a simple manner using processed samples and outboard gear. This time around I have extensively used Ableton in conjunction with a synth here and there as well as live room recordings. So yes the approach this time around was definitely different and undoubtedly an interesting learning experience. There are also tracks with my own voice.