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Baker's Dozen

Marking A Time: Ghetts' Favourite Albums
Tara Joshi , September 19th, 2018 09:22

As Ghetts releases his new album Ghetto Gospel - The New Testament, the London-based rapper guides Tara Joshi through 13 favourite records, from Michael Jackson to Jay-Z, Tupac, Notorious BIG and those closer to home including Kano and Klashnekoff


So Solid Crew - They Don't Know
So I'd always say Pay As U Go over So Solid, but Pay As U Go never gave me an album. So Solid did, and the impact that it had was amazing. Audi gave them a deal – a car deal! That's crazy shit. I don't even think we knew Audi before then, realistically. Anyway I remember driving and just rolling into that album on repeat, over and over and over again. The 'They Don't Know' mix, 'Envy', with Ms. Dynamite - what Dynamite did to that tune is going to go down in history. Sick.