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WATCH: New Eomac Video
Christian Eede , September 17th, 2018 10:37

Eomac's new video grapples with human objectification

Earlier this year, Eomac, otherwise known as one-half of Lakker, released his latest album Reconnect via his own Eotrax label.

Now he's shared a new video for a track from that album titled 'Being, Not Object'. The video looks at issues surrounding human objectification and dehumanisation as the producer explains in a statement accompanying the video below. You can watch the video above.

Reconnect is out now and can be purchased here.

"As humans we are beings, not objects," says Eomac of the video. "None of us should be objectified nor dehumanised. And yet objectification and dehumanisation happen daily - in particular to women when viewed by men.

"The video shows the body - my body - and my face, in a way that is both potentially objectifying, and also humanising. Through conditioning, on some level, I want to be an object, but on another level I reject the idea and simply want to be a human being, and free.

"I chose to use my male body to explore this idea and not a female body, which conceptually might make more sense as the female body is far more objectified, sexualised and scrutinised than the male. I am beginning to understand, mostly from listening to female friends and teachers, that as a man who has grown up in this sexist culture I am not free from the objectification I that so strongly stand against. My depicting a female body in a video like this might be partaking in the very culture I am attempting to criticise."