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A Quietus 10 Year Rave Preview Playlist
Luke Turner , September 5th, 2018 12:01


This Friday we're going to be celebrating 10 years of The Quietus with a huge knees-up at Corsica Studios. Advance tickets are now sold out, but we're here to make you weep with jealousy (or come down nice and early to buy one of the few tickets on the tour) with a playlist of music selected by the artists appearing on the night. Take note also that British Murder Boys are preparing a special surprise for you, Powell will be playing a live hybrid set, Nik Void will be joined live by Dom Butler for the first time since the latter left Factory Floor - get there by 23:30 not to miss out on that. We'll be putting up the stage times via the event page on Facebook and on Twitter in the next day or so, and we've a DJ Bus Replacement Service feature online tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some slap & tickle to get you going:

British Murder Boys’ Anthony Child

"The most psychedelic video ever made"

DJ Bus Replacement Service

"In case Tony beat me to nominating the Sting video, my backup choice is "GYM" by Dave Neurotic, Young Zeus an [sic] The Duffinator, which conveys my current mood two months into a three-month fitness and meal plan"

Nik Void

"So excited to perform once again with former Factory Floor member Dominic Butler, should be interesting as we have not played together for four years. Better let our modular synths do the talking!  My favourite Bronze Teeth track 'Albion Pressure'..."

Al Matthews, Blacknecks

"I'll probably be accused of taking the piss, but they were actually The Ramones' favourite band and this song directly inspired 'Blitzkrieg Bop'. I also have a theory that Bowie's 'Sound & Vision' lifted it's intro sax lick from 'Don't Stop The Music', but I get laughed out of town whenever I mention this to anyone. Either way, they're long overdue a reappraisal, as they couldn't half crank out a tune or two."

Sophie Coletta

"Classic new beat from 1989 from Gianni Battistel. Aciiiid!"


"Driving, distorted, industrial and organic. An abrasive dancefloor favourite."

Lee Adams

"I discovered DJ Varsovie recently when Guillaume Labdadie (I Hate Models) suggested him to remix Walpurgis Night for Khemia Records. Since then I’ve become somewhat obsessed with his distinctive retro-futurist sound. Paradise, the track I’ve selected is remixed by Mathis Kolkoz (Blind Delon) another incredibly talented French producer, mastering engineer and DJ who we recently released alongside Schwefelgelb on the Khemia Rubedo EP."


"Handy came for dinner on Friday night and played me some of his new stuff that I'll hopefully be able to bring with me to the show on Friday. Always nice to air unheard music at these gigs. All his music has a sort of slapstick/party vibe that feels right for a birthday party ;)"

Luke Turner

"A tune that demands I wear shorts, get on the rim of the Room Two booth and tweak my nipples at the futility of it all"


"One of Ireland's premier rabble rousers turns up on Parisian label Molekül with this orbital rave referencing slammer. Mucky in all the right places, it's probably the track I've played most so far this year."

Manni Dee

"I've never actually played this out. In fact, I just came across it today, but somehow it seems fitting."

British Murder Boys’ Karl 'Regis' O'Connor

"I hope we can do Jack Hammer proud"