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Baker's Dozen

Armageddon Hits! Joe Elliott Of Def Leppard Baker's Dozen
Harry Sword , September 5th, 2018 09:27

Roaring rock titan Joe Elliott of Def Leppard - DEF LEPPARD - talks Harry Sword through his guiding audio lights, from Bowie to glam to punk and back.


Jethro Tull – Aqualung
At Bradford Cathedral a few years back I got up and played with Ian Anderson, which was incredible. This is my favourite Tull album. It's the iconic Tull album – it's his Sgt Pepper; his Dark Side Of The Moon. He doesn't think so though [LAUGHS] He thinks he's made better records. But Aqualung had already been in my DNA for seven years by the time I got a copy. My mate Nigel used to play this – round the corner from me in Sheffield – he'd play it to me for bloody years. I loved the fact that Ian Anderson was weird looking, not your typical rock star - mad hair, and the flute and the standing on one leg thing - just brilliant. He also had this amazing folksy quality to his voice. I still play it all the time. In fact, anything on this list I still play constantly.